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Hey Luxury Hotels Las Vegas. Thanks for hooking up the rooms for me. The price you give me is very good, no one beats it & ur always on time with everything.  Ill be visiting Vegas a lot more now that I know you guys get the best prices! Thx again

“Luxury Hotels Las Vegas is the best service for getting great rates, that I’ve found to date. Whether it’s a trip for me and a special lady or a company meeting, there hasn’t been a service that I’ve found, that can match their rates. Their service with accommodating special events and linking me to the best places in Las Vegas ,is top notch. I no longer have to worry about what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, because Luxury Hotels Las Vegas put me in know with all the top spots, restaurants, clubs and gambling spots. Next time I go to Vegas, I’m calling them to take care of everything.”

I have been throwing some of the largest nightclub events in America for the past 10 years and our employee hotel bill is through the roof! We have recently been booking all our hotel accommodations through Brian Marshall and the savings have been unbelievable. He's made it so easy too, just one phone call or text to add employee rooms, and the confirmations in my inbox before I check my email again. Simple as that. I don't know how we did it without him. 

Damian Sanders - Monster Stage, Spiritworld Productions Pimp 'n Ho, Club Rubber, Summer of Love

 I know 4 a fact that u saved me more money! I tried doin it myself and it got ridiculous. Thank god I found u! Thanks for everything.

Big shout to Brian and this company who are excellent and really do supply the cheapest rates. When I am on tour in the states I always use them for my hotels.

123 saved my vacation.

I made reservations at a Miami Beach hotel for the last week of March 2009, during the Winter Music Conference.  This is also around spring break time, so most South Beach hotels are booked. 

I made my reservations in early January.  This was the 3rd year in a row staying at this hotel so I was pretty excited.  So the week before WMC I call to confirm my reservation, and I'm told that my reservation was cancelled.   Cancelled?!  It was a nightmare.  Apparantly the hotel cancelled on me b/c they tried to take my deposit in advance, (which was never agreed apon) but the money wasn't availble at that time.  So they cancelled my reservation.

I knew whatever rooms were still availabe were going to be expensive since it was so late in March. found me a great room (that was actually way better than what I was originally staying in that was cancelled) at the Chesterfield Hotel on Collins.  The room was more like an apartment, than a hotel room.  It was awesome.

I am a very happy customer and would have know problems at all referring this service to other friends and associates.

Thanks again,

John Baugh

Brian Marshall and hotel rates have provided the best customer service and competitive pricing that I have ever encountered!!! I would refer them to anyone I know for business or pleasure travel. Definitely check it out


Rachel Reynolds

Thanks for the negotiated rate you got me for my trip to North Carolina last week. It's true you have lower rates than anything the general public can touch. Just take 5 seconds to fill out the form instead of going to all those other sites like Expedia and Orbitz and getting ripped.

Whether it be a trip to south beach, a crazy trip with the boys to vegas, or even staying semi local in so cal, when I book my trips...I go through Brian.  Customer service is top notch and prompt and he always has the lowest none!  Thanks buddy!

Andy Rodriguez

Great service.  We had a great time.  The rooms you set us up in were fantastic.  The hotel actually gave us an upgrade when we checked in and attributed it to booking through you.  My employees were very impressed.  We all had a blast and having booked the rooms through you made my life so much easier.  I will tell all my friends...

Derek Shull

The Guest List - Managing Partner

Very Prompt service. Made sure I got everything I wanted, and found the best deal possible. Will continue to book everytime I plan a vacation. A+++

 I felt like I was dealing with an old friend.  great service, ridiculously low prices and very  knowledgeable staff.  i would recommend using these guys to anybody.

Arta Wildeboer , (Newport Beach)

All I gotta say is that this will be my first time attending the Winter Music Conference, and I was worried about where to stay & getting the best possible deal...

I'm glad I called Brian from running across a post on Cool Junkie..!! I'm up here in New York & am totally astonished at his level of professionalism.

Point being that I booked WAYYY early with him so that I knew I had my accommodations set... He got me a room that was going for nearly $800 a night down to $528 per night!! I'll be staying from the 24th to the 30th!!

As if that wasn't a good enough deal as it was... He 'just' called me back the other day & said due to the bad economy the hotels are PUSHING better deals so he let me know that I can get that same-exact Luxurious room down to $355 a night!!! He was kind enough to cancel my other booking out at no penalty to me and booked me at the new rate for the same room!! I never knew that I could've even got a better deal!!
BRIAN is the MAN!!! Party People..!! Now I have a whole bunch of dough saved for more FUN & the LADIES of-course!!! =)

Highly recommend this Dude!!!

great rates...excellent service

I have used your service numerous times. Every time I work with you I am very pleased with the superior service I receive. You have saved me and my staff a significant amount of money. You have become my companies first  and only choice for all my travel arrangements.

Steven Herrera - The Firm Modeling Group

Thanks again for saving me last minute for the Winter Music Conference in Miami! You really pulled it through good and I will definitely hit you up again next year! Best Wishes!

Brian, Thanks for helping me find the hotel and room I wanted for WMC. The other deals you found were awesome but I was picky this time. I will always make sure I check with you when traveling. Thanks again

Mike Pascuall , (USA)


 Thanks sooooo much for getting my girls and I awesome hotel rates at a 5 star hotel for WMC & Spring break!!!! I will be using you to book all my vacations :)

Samantha Sphritz , (USA)

 Damn you saved me so much money to Miami for WMC during spring break. When I compared the prices to Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity...etc... you beat them all. I was going to do a deal with Orbitz for the same price 3 blocks away from the beach. You got me a spot on Ocean Dr. right next to the beach, for the same price!!! This agency is the shit!!!