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Hotel Internet Rates

Internet Rates are sites have all seen these highly advertised sites on the TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines.

Internet Rates WorldwideTheir advertising budget is out the roof because they mark up their rooms 30 to 40 percent they get from the hotels. That is huge and bit ridiculous we might add.

These third party Internet Rates have the power to triple their mark up their rates and charge local sales tax on the sell rate and also add a service charge so they really get at your wallet from every direction.

 The Internet Rate sites pay the Net Rates as agreed in their original negotiations back the hotel vendors and then pocket the tax and service charge on the difference between the Net Rate and marked up portion of the sale.

As professionals, we can say that the only time you are getting a good rate with Internet Rates is when the rate is 30 to 50 percent off. Internet Rates are prepaid.