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FAQ Hotel Rates ProBelow is our F & Q list based on some questions that we hear most often from our clients to help further assist you. If you have some questions for us that our not listed, please email us or fill out the contact form

How come I can't use the HotelRatesPro database?

 We possess the widest range of travel agent rates that exist, therefore only a travel agencies can access them. Our Net Rates are given to us by travel wholesalers who make them available to travel agencies with certified credentials. Hotels vendors only establish negotiated rates and offer commissions with individual travel agents and travel agencies.

Do you carry all of the different hotel chains?

Yes, HotelRatesPro has access to all hotel inventories that are available on all the GDS and on most of the Web.

Will I find the lowest possible rates with HotelRatesPro?

Our clients will not find a lower non-restricted rate through any other distribution channel. Net Rate providers give us access to the largest selection of hotel inventories available in one place.

Which rate type should I choose?

 HotelRatesPro provides you with the widest selection of hotel inventories. We suggest that you let us offer you some suggestions that will show you proof of savings. We know what the best deal for your money is.

How can I be sure that HotelRatesPro has better pricing than what the public sees online?

HotelRatesPro displays up to 4 rate types per hotel and for each room, it can give us comparison rates which we make available to you in your quote return. Finding you the lowest rate that exists is our job for you.

How many Negotiated rates do you have?

We have Negotiated Rates with over 15,000 hotels worldwide. This does not include Net, Internet, or GDS Rates so it should give you an idea how huge our inventory is. Negotiated Rates guarantee “Last Room Availability”, as well as a “walk policy” if the hotel is over sold. The hotel will be aware of your negotiated rate with us which will entitle you to superior customer service.

How do I cancel a booking that I previously made?

Please call us at 888 790 4290 and will we cancel your reservation upon request. You may also send an email to You may leave a message or text us as well for faster service.

How many rooms can I book at once? Can I book multiple rooms?

You can book up to 4 rooms in one transaction on Net Rates or Internet Rates. GDS and Negotiated Rates can "cloned" for multiple bookings which will be separate individual bookings.

Is it possible to modify my booking? (dates, bedding) bookings cannot be modified in our database but can be with the hotel vendor. We can cancel and rebook the reservation if needed. We can call the property or property chain to make the requested change, while making sure that they keep their current hotel confirmation number. Make certain you are fully aware of any cancellation penalty prior to making changes to any GDS and Negotiated rate bookings. All pre-paid bookings have penalties associated with any changes or cancellations. Non-refundable rates do not allow any changes.

"A valid first and last name of one adult guest must be specified for each room you wish to reserve." If you are booking more than 1 room, a unique adult name must be supplied for each room. The same name may not be used to reserve more than 1 room - each room must be reserved with a different guest name.

How will I know I have a reservation with the hotel?

You will receive an email confirmation instantly after we have booked your resevation.

What are GDS rates?

GDS rates are the rates that hotels provide via the Global Distribution Systems (GDS's) such as Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo/Apollo, and Worldspan.

What ratWhat rates are available via the GDS category?

Any rate that a hotel offers via Amadeus is available via the GDS category, including Promotional, AAA,AARP, Senior Citizen, Corporate, Military, Government, Travel Agent, Rack, Member, and Negotiated rates.

What is the guest payment policy for GDS reservations?

In most cases the hotels will charge the guest credit card as a guarantee with the guest charged a one-night fee for cancelling the reservation within 24-hours of arrival.

Are GDS reservations pre-paid?

No, GDS reservations are paid by the guest upon check-out.

What are Net Rates?

Net Rates are rates we obtain from wholesalers and they make them available to us through our database. will process the credit card supplied for the reservation.

Can set the total amount on the Net Rates?

Yes we can. We will always show you savings comparrion if we offer a Net Rate.

How many Net Rate types are there?

There is only one type that is Pre Paid and Non-refundable.

Where does the Net Rates inventory come from? has contracts with a numerous Wholesalers to bring our clients a broad assortment of options.

Who do I contact if I have a customer issues at the hotel with my Net Rate?

Your reservation confirmation will provide you with the Net Rate wholesaler product provider along with their customer service phone number.

Does HotelRatesPro set or markup Negotiated, GDS, or Internet Rates?

No we do not have the authority to do this.

How do I know who to call if my client has customer care issues at the hotel?

You'll be notified on the reservation confirmation of the customer service phone number.