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About Us has a very simple mission we follow for our clients. Integrity, customer service, and customer savings is the system we use to fuel our business model. was founded by two independent travel agents with advanced expertise in computer programming and internet marketing. Our business model has a basic fundamental where we know that if our friends and family had a choice between booking with a highly advertised site on the internet that marks up their rates 20 to 50 percent higher or booking with someone they trust and already have relationship with and can supply them lower rates on hotels than anywhere in the industry, who do you think they would choose? You see we know that our friends and family are going to travel anyways with our without us.

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Travel is a trend that is set for life because it’s one of the biggest desires humans can have. What do you think 10 out of 10 would say to you if you asked them what they would do if they had more time and money to do more of? Travel can be very expensive and it usually always is. We love to do it just like you, and we want to save as much as you do. That if you came across a travel agent or a travel agency who said they had the largest inventory of hotel rates in the travel industry, would you give them a shot to save some money?

That’s where comes to your service.

We do not guarantee that we have a lower rate than what the hotel is offering for every hotel in the world, but we do carry their inventory in most cases. Sometimes certain hotels do not offer any discounts of any sort to flush out travel agents and other travel agencies, and some feel they are too high end to offer any price savings for the customer. We do guarantee that we do have access to the largest hotel database in the world with more discount rates than any distribution channel in the travel industry.

It is extremely rare that we see that our rates are beaten by our competitors. We do guarantee you 99 out 100 times we will present to you the lowest rate that exist with your quote and if you find it cheaper than what we can offer, by all means do what is in your best interest because as we cannot control the set rates by the vendors.

We are confident in serving you prompt customer service and to return your quotes back to you in a timely manner of no more than a few hours after your request.